Some new pictures of the Christmas Tree...

Geneva - Model M - Mini HiFi System from Hipster Home!

I know I haven't created a post in a while, but don't worry, I gave myself a slap on the wrist! Check out this new find from my favorite, Hipster Home - which I was able to visit on my last trip. (Thanks to Chris and Stephanie!)

It's a Geneva sound system and the aesthetics of this fantastic system blow my mind. The price isn't so bad either! Call Hipster Home for more details. I hear shipping is fast like snapping a finger for one of these puppies.

GOOD READS on Information Design

So, being that most of the design work I encounter with my current job displays information and numbers - I thought it would be a great idea to check into books on information design. It's always important to check into the latest design trends, and what I encounter everyday at my job wasn't particularly covered in college (Finance, Statistics, Information design in general) so, I found these amazing books. The first is called Information is Beautiful and is designed and written by author David McCandless. The second and third books are Data Flow and Data Flow 2 (Part II comes out this month, I'm just waiting on the release date!). The Data Flow Series is by Gestalten.

All 3 of these books look beautifully designed- as the designs themselves are on the inside. I can't wait to learn from these books. They are coming in the mail soon, I can hardly wait! Time to add some flair to charts and graphs!

Motifo Mosaic-Magnet Fridge Artwork

Motifo is a company that sells magnetic tiles that you can easily create big mosaic artworks on. Turn your fridge into a work of art!

However, good art doesn't come cheap. A box of these magnets will run you $79.95 USD.

Tivi - Handbag...

Check out this design of this handbag...

As it says on Ryan Wither and Paul Lewin's site, "Wooden panels are constructed in Sweden and are formed from birch and maple or walnut veneers depending on the purse. They are hand silk screened and finished with a satin lacquer finish to provide a resilient protective coating. All metal parts are stainless steel and machined in the US . The leather is a super soft goat skin. The purses are sewn and assembled in the US."

I think these are so well designed, crafted and are so unique. You should check out the other products they have - like jewelry...


Whiskey Stones - Ice Cubes

This set of 9 Whisky Stones is perfect for chilling your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor! Or you can choose the Whiskey Lovers Set which comes with the Whiskey Stones and two hand made crystal glasses to accompany them!

You can find these here! Be sure to check out the other great items that Hipster Home offers...

Jung Yeon Min

These are paintings are by artist Jung Yeon Min. Her paintings, made of Acrylic on Canvas are beautiful and surreal. Her style reminds me of my favorite, Salvador DalĂ­. She paints from memories stored in great corners of her vivid imagination, which can only be appreciated.

I love her work.